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Sonic Cleansing with Clarisonic Mia2?

On the quest for healthy glowing skin, we find most products on the market are based around creams, ointments, coarse scrub brushes, circular electronic scrubbing devices and pills. However, these methods can have a...


Don’t be a Caveman! 5 Skincare Tips For Men

I know it’s hard to give your face the attention it needs, but it can make a big difference in your appearance. Having a well groomed face shows that you respect yourself. If you...

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Acne Fulminans

Acne fulminans are an extreme form of acne that is associated with rapid joint inflammation, fever, and open acne lesions. This severe acne problem can cause individuals to form blisters and have abnormal changes...

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Thinking about Acne Removal Surgery? Pros & Cons

Acne removal surgery is commonly used in conjunction with a medical acne-prevention regimen. It is not a sole method of ridding yourself of acne. Acne is inflammation of the pilosebaceous unit and occurs when...


Why Adult Acne?

Acne can really affect the person who is suffering from it. This is especially true if it is the acne that you used to have when you were fifteen, but chose to come back...


What Is Acne Excoriee?

To begin with let’s talk what is this acne excoriee. Here we give the main points of this condition: Acne excoriee is primarily picked-at or squeezed acne blemishes. Acne vulgaris refers to common acne...

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Jojoba Oil for Acne

A pesky condition characterized by inflamed lesions on different parts of the body, namely the face, neck, back and chest, acne points to puberty and oil-clogged pores as its leading culprits. It has expensive...

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