Acne Fulminans

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Acne fulminans are an extreme form of acne that is associated with rapid joint inflammation, fever, and open acne lesions. This severe acne problem can cause individuals to form blisters and have abnormal changes in their bone structure due to bone inflammation.
Acne fulminans are also known as acute febrile ulcerative acne which generally occurs after treatment of acne conglobata goes unsuccessfully. It is thought that it is a disease which is immunologically induced and is caused because elevated testosterone levels force an increase in sebum and bacteria.


Skin ulcerations associated with acne fulminans generally occur on the back or chest, according to most dermatologists. When someone goes through treatments for acne conglobata or any form of inflammatory acne, they may develop the acne fulminans disorder if the treatment is ineffective. Acne conglobata is severe acne that is associated with serious damage to the skin and abscessed pockets of tissue layered beneath the skin. Another way to develop this disorder is if you used testosterone supplements to treat your acne or if you used the medication isotretinoin. Dermatologists have reported that isotretinoin is associated with the development of this disorder.

Acne fulminanson -back

When an individual is going through this disorder, they will experience a number of awful developments of acne lesions. Joint inflammation, fever, and ulcerated acne lesions are common symptoms of this disorder. As previously stated, this severe acne problem will cause individuals to blister in copious amounts as well as experience alterations in their bone structure along with bone inflammation.

There are additional effects that an individual will feel if they have this disorder. These are severe scarring, a general feeling of malnourishment and ill health, an increase of the white blood cell count, rapid weight loss, and a loss of appetite. The joint pain that is associated with acne fulminans is generally felt in the knees and hips, according to dermatologists.


As acne fulminans progresses, it can cause swelling in the lymph nodes at the base of your neck which will cause inflexibility and pain. When the swelling of the lymph nodes goes down, it is typically accompanied by inflammation and swelling of the nearing joints as well as a severe loss of appetite. These issues all contribute to a serious issue with acne fulminans: muscle atrophy and declining physical ability.

Acne fulminans on chest

Another common symptom of acne fulminans that most people don’t think about is depression. When a person’s body is significantly damaged and appears unattractive, it can have significant negative side effects on the mind of the person who is going through it. Those who have problems with acne already experience a lack of confidence along with general shyness in social situations.


Isotretinoin pills

It is very difficult to control the symptoms of acne fulminans. Typically, dermatologists recommend a skin-care plan that will work towards the management of the negative side effects associated with acne fulminans. There are a few different medications out there that can help control the symptoms, these are dapsone, aspirin (which is an anti-inflammatory), oral steroids, isotretinoin, and other oral antibiotics.

It is not common, but some cases of acne fulminans recede and recur on their own over time. Generally when this happens, the doctor will recommend that you continue to use isotretinoin for an extended period of time.

Acne fulminans is something that should be taken very serious. Treatment should be sought out immediately in order to avoid sitting in the hospital. Those who procrastinate the treatment of their acne fulminans disorder will stay an average of two weeks in the hospital where they will be tested for system degradation in the skeletal structure and digestive tract.

Serious Complications – SAPHO

SAPHO is a serious complication of acne fulminans that, although uncommon, can develop without warning. It causes serious joint inflammation, acne conglobaba and fulminans, the formation of thick pus-filled blisters on the body, abnormal increases in bone tissue, and bone inflammation.

SAPHO poses a serious threat to those who have it because it can cause bone-related changes in your sternum, which would cause tenderness and loss of mobility due to pain. Some people who reported their symptoms with SAPHO said that they noticed enlargement of their collar bones as well as formations of bone abscesses.

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