Collagen reproduction will cure acne scars

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First of all what is collagen?

It’s pretty simple…

Collagen is a type of protein our body produces and is found in our skin, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and digestive system.

There are different types of collagen, around 80% of collagen consists of type 1, 2 and 3. In this case we only need to know about type 1 & 3 to help us get rid of our acne scars.

Type 1 & 3 collagen is known to:

  • Make skin more elastic
  • Make wrinkles & lines less apparent
  • Increase hair growth
  • Thicken hair
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Repair damaged skin back to its original form

“So how can we produce more collagen?”


Well I’m glad you asked…

There are many ways we can produce collagen. As we age our production of collagen declines and there are signs that our body shows it’s producing less collagen.

Signs of our body producing less collagen:

  1. Looser skin
  2. Increase in wrinkles
  3. Increase in fine lines
  4. Skin looks less elastic

On the other hand, we can see our body is still youthful and collagen production hasn’t declined if your skin is:

  1. Free of wrinkles
  2. Free of fine lines
  3. healing wounds quickly
  4. Smooth and not bumpy

There are acceptations for point 3 because if your skin is bumpy and young, it’s probably because of acne.

We can eat a variety of foods to increase collagen production.

These can be foods like fish, fruit, vegetables, soy, tea and even oysters.

Fish is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids creating stronger cells and structure of the skin.

Fruits, especially citrus fruits like lemons and oranges  which are high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants. This in turn will assist in the production of collagen and help elasticate the skin.

Vegetables such as carrots, spinach and tomatoes contain anti-oxidant lyopene which shields against the sun, protecting skin from damage and allowing optimal production of collagen. They are rich in vitamin C which stabilizes enzymes that breaks down collagen. Vegetables are also rich in vitamin A, which restores and regenerates damaged collagen.

Soy contains plant hormones known as genistein. Genistein dramatically increases collagen production, anti-oxidants and blocks enzymes.

Tea is still being researched into as a solid booster of collagen, never the less it’s worth a try, what have you got to lose? Tea, or white tea may protect structural protein of the skin and is believed by many researchers to prevents enzyme accumulation that destroys collagen.

Oysters are another weird but wonderful tool in boosting collagen production. Oysters are plentiful in zinc which is a crucial element of  producing collagen. Contains lots of minerals and vitamins also if your trying to slim down, oysters are a great option because they’re low in calories.

The foods I have mentioned above are just a few and there are still an abundant of foods out there to choose from and will assist in collagen production.

Consuming foods aren’t the only way to produce more collagen.

You can use different tools to produce collagen rapidly like a derma roller/micro needle.

The micro needles penetrate your skin, tiny wounds will be made and this will start a healing process, collagen will be produced by the body and this will help the healing process, overall restoring the skin back to its normal state”

This method is certainly the fastest way to produce collagen no matter your age. This method has worked for me and got rid of my acne scars. Micro needling is definitely something you want to research into also many celebrities use this method like Catt Sadler. Micro needling is certainly gaining popularity in Hollywood and throughout the world.

Are you pressed for time? You can barely get a quick meal in and don’t have time for derma rolling?

This is the 21st century and we have supplements at our disposal. There are so many options out there to assist in collagen production, in-fact a huge variety and it’s right under our nose! Here are some top collagen producing supplement out there on the market:

Your body will happily absorb these supplements.

Be careful though…

…if you keep taking these supplements in like candy, then it will cause more harm than good and our body can only absorb so much. 1 or 2 of the bullet-pointed supplements are enough for the day.

In Conclusion

Triggering collagen production will assist in your fight against acne scars. Remember collagen is a type of protein and protein heals damaged parts of the body, consuming more of this protein will certainly help get rid of those nasty acne scars. Especially if you directly trigger the collagen production on the actual acne scar through tools like micro needling. That’s how I personally banished my scars.

But that method alone may not be enough, so having a balanced diet where collagen is plentiful, is another blow to the acne scars you suffer with.

Throwing in some supplement into the mix is a way of boosting your chances of dissolving those acne scars.

By taking in this advice you will eventually get rid of those scars. Many people swear by boosting collagen to get rid of their acne scars or scars in general.

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