Top Tips for Preventing and Reducing Adult Acne

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Acne is something that absolutely no one wants to deal with, especially in your adult years! After dealing with it in your early teens, the last thing you want is for ‘return of the acne!’

All you should be dealing with now is hiding those wrinkles and greys. However, adult acne is a lot more common than you think!

Clinical studies have shown that approximately 40-50% of our adult population has been diagnosed with low grade-persistent acne. These results prove we’re not alone out there, as that’s nearly half of us who suffer!

Not to worry, there are some super simple steps out there that can be taken to prevent and reduce our acne struggles.

Tackle the cause

Identifying the potential cause is one of the first steps to prevention and treatment. It is important that we take a step back to evaluate all aspects of our life to try and pin point what may be causing our break outs.

Identifying where your breakouts are coming from is a good indicator as to what the underlying causes may be, and how you can better yet, preventing it. A good indicator as to what may be the cause can be identified through this basic acne face mapping guide.


A regular and substantial intake of daily water is one of the biggest proven acne preventers. Skin is the largest organ of your body which thrives off water. When your kidneys are overloaded with toxins, your body passes them through your skin which causes pimples! To eliminate this, drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day flushes out your kidneys and other organs, leaving your skin toxin free.

Tweak your diet

Acne is a disorder of our turnover skin cells, bad skin turn over means retained cells, which clog our pores and trap our skins natural oils beneath our skin. Bacteria then feeds off these trapped oils which cause acne, and you guessed it, this process is all caused by a poor diet.

So, keeping a healthy balanced diet and making a conscious effort to include skin thriving goodies is super important. Here are a few that you should make a conscious effort to squeeze into your diet, assisting your skin with the prevention of acne.

  • Green tea
    Helps cut down sebum production which reduces inflammation levels, preventing
  • Avacado
    Reduces skin inflammation and acts as a natural moisturiser for the skin.
  • Nuts
    Studies prove acne prone people are deficient in zinc. Nuts are filled with vitamin E, iron, magnesium and of course loads of zinc.
  • Fish
    Rich in omega 3 and 6 which your bodies need to reduce inflammation that triggers the cells that clog up our pores, causing acne.
  • Fresh fruit and Veg
    Rich in beta-carotenes! Reducing skin oils, act as anti-inflammatory and clear impurities from the body.
  • Brown rice
    Rich in vitamin B which regulate hormones, which is super helpful for acne prevention.


Vitamins, vitamins and more vitamins!

Vitamins are crucial for our skins health, vitamins fight to eliminate the driving causes of acne. They assist in the prevention of dead skin cells clogging pores, rich in antioxidants which protect our body against tissue damage, helps metabolize nutrients we eat – the better our nutrients are metabolized the more improvement there will be in the health of our skin, help produce collagen, assist in wound healing and protect cells from damage.

It’s understandable it’s difficult for us to get all the goodness we need for our skin from these vitamins just through what we eat, so involving vitamin supplements in your daily routine is something your skin will thank you for.

Tea tree oil, our favourite natural remedy!

Tea tree oil is one of our favourite natural remedies for acne prevention, with proven results! The main causes of acne are our bodies oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores, and bacteria. Tea tree oil contains natural antibacterial properties which destroy the nasty bacteria that cause acne, acting as a great prevention!

Don’t dry out

While we often associate oily skin with acne, dry skin can cause us to break out too! If your skin is too dry, it won’t be able to maintain its cell turn over leaving you with clogged pores, which means pimples! Being dehydrated, using very hot water to wash your face, and over washing your face are all factors that cause your skin to dry out. This means your body will go into oil production overdrive to try and fight it, leaving you with pimples. Keeping hydrated, using a non-oil based moisturiser, using lukewarm water to wash your face and using hydrating beauty products are simple methods you can follow to maintain your skin and prevent acne.

Go topical

There are times in our lives when our acne breakouts feel like they’re starting to become out of control, this could be due to factors such as stress or lack of sleep which are sometimes hard to get under control. It’s times like these when a topical treatment can reduce and help further prevent our acne.

Benzoyl peroxide, Retinoids and Azelaic Acid have been found to be some of the best topical treatments for keeping our acne under control.

Retinoids are often best used in the early stages of acne when you are first starting to break out as it assists with unblocking pores and managing and treating blackheads, white heads and mildly inflamed areas.

Azelaic Acid also acts to unclog pores, clears up blackheads and reduces inflamed areas. It is known to be one of the topical ointments that cause less skin irritation, so this is a recommendation for those who have sensitive skin.

Benzoyl one of the most popular topical treatments out there has three major actions, kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and helps unclog pores which helps to assist our skin with the management of acne.


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