What Is Acne Excoriee?

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To begin with let’s talk what is this acne excoriee. Here we give the main points of this condition:

  • Acne excoriee is primarily picked-at or squeezed acne blemishes.
  • Acne vulgaris refers to common acne that naturally occurs in some people – particularly teens and young adults. Excoriated acne is different as it is acne vulgaris that has been purposely picked at — in most cases, in an attempt to remove the red, swollen skin blemishes.
  • Ironically, swelling is typically increased in the picked-at acne since bacteria is likely to get into the tampered pimples or zits.
  • Picking at acne or “popping the zits” does not remove acne vulgaris, but creates the worse condition of acne excoriee.
  • Brown spots, which are actually scars, are signs of this excoriated acne condition.
  •  Acne Excoriee  is considered a complex medical problem due to factors such as a skin infection. It is much more serious than an acne vulgaris outbreaks alone.


What Causes Acne Excoriee?

 Causes of acne excoriee is more psychological than physical. Most of them comes from social aspects:

  • The exact causes of why some people pick their acne blemishes to the point of making it an obsession are thought to come from self-esteem and/or depression issues. Yet, there are often many other complicated factors and reasons involved in this disorder and these will depend on individual cases.
  • In some cases, a person who excoriates his acne breakouts is enacting a defense mechanism. While quite complex, this means that he or she may subconsciously be making the acne worse. This may lead to avoiding social interactions all together like dating.
  • Societal pressure to look as attractive as celebrities or models. People with acne breakouts may feel sad, helpless or desperate and decides to subconsciously pick the blemishes off their skin hoping the problem will disappear.
  • Rather than recognizing that picking acne is actually  making it even a bigger problem, a person with acne excoriee often becomes even more obsessed with manipulating his skin blemishes. In some cases, an underlying condition such as, anxiety, autism or attention deficit disorder may be  the cause of this behavior. In other cases, society and peer pressure are larger factors.

What to Do if You Have Acne Excoriee?

  • If you have an acne excoriee, you should immediately both try to stop picking at your blemishes and seek help.
  • A school counselor, youth crisis line or other helping professional service can guide you into taking steps to work on your problem. Realize too, that you are not the only one to have an acne excoriee. Many teens and young people also struggle with this disorder.
  • If you can, speak to your parent or guardian about this.
  •  If you are a parent, guardian or other caring person and notice that someone you know with acne, have brown scarring spots, you should try to get this person to see a counselor or his family doctor. They may suggest other medical help as needed with each case. Do be judgmental or blame the victim of acne excoriee. Try to help before infection and other problems take over.

To round everything up, having acne is already a big problem to cope with. That huge desire to end everything and finally have a nice and soft skin like those celebrities in TV, may only worse your condition. Be wise and patient while treating your skin or else you may ruin your skin forever.

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