10 Miracle Hair Treatments from Your Kitchen Cupboard

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Kitchen is the most magical room in the house with all its fresh ingredients and hidden treats. Not only does the kitchen provide makings for a great meal, it can also help men and women tame their wild manes. Dry hair, brittle split ends, greasy hair… Kitchen has what it takes to get hair back under control.

Following are 10 miracle hair treatments that can be found in your kitchen cupboard.

Hair Care Tips Straight from the Kitchen

 1. Avocados

Women and men who have dry, brittle hair will find relief in the ever moisturizing avocado. People can make a homemade hair mask using avocado or avocado oil. This fruit has plenty of Vitamin E which can be used to help hair become healthier.

2. Strawberries

Any citrus fruit is good to use for a homemade hair treatment. Fruits are loaded with Vitamin C which restores hair. Strawberries are recommended for people who have oily scalps since strawberries regulate scalp’s normal pH level. They also will help hair appear glossy and shiny without showing any grease and oil.

 3. Cocoa Powder

Brunettes looking to do something to boost their hair color may want to try cocoa powder. Mixing cocoa powder, yogurt, honey, and apple cider vinegar will add a deeper, richer color to your hair.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Known for its hydration properties, extra virgin olive oil is a hair care tip that shouldn’t to be missed. Just a little olive oil can go a long way to helping nourish brittle, dry damaged hair. It’s a natural conditioner for people with both long and short hair.

 5. Milk

Milk can also be used in hair to help give it a really soft feel. Take a glass of milk and pour it over the hair, making sure to work it in with your fingers. Let it set for awhile and then rinse it out as you would any other shampoo.

 Mix it Together

Sometimes it takes mixing things up to set things right. This can go with hair treatments too. Hair care tips for the pros include using natural ingredients such as strawberries, honey, olive oil, and even eggs instead of harsher chemicals. Look around your kitchen and see if you have any of these.

 6. Lemon

Lemon cleans the scalps and closes the pores on the scalp to limit excess oil. Be cautious when using lemon because it can lighten hair color. Dilute it with water before using it on your hair. The ratio should be 2:1.

 7. Coconut Oil

Take some coconut oil and rub it into your hair as you would a conditioner. This makes hair feel soft and smooth. It also works as a good moisturizer for the hair.

 8. Honey

Honey can be used in conjunction with other kitchen items for a homemade hair treatment. Honey has restorative properties which turns limp and dry hair into glowing locks. Mix it with some yogurt and apple cider vinegar and you’ve got a great hair cleaner.

 9. Eggs

Eggs are jam packed with protein. To help your hair receive plenty of protein, break open an egg and apply it to your hair. Then rinse as you would with any other conditioner and let time do the rest.

 10. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an ingredient that can be used with others (strawberries, bananas, and honey, just to name a few) to help limit the amount of grease in the hair. It is also helpful in aiding itchy, dry scalps that are affected by dandruff.

 Working With What You Have

Spending money on expensive shampoos and conditioners is a waste of money when you have a kitchen full of miracle hair treatments. Using any of the above mentioned ingredients will get you just as far, if not further, than the knock-off beauty parlor conditioners and shampoos. Plus they are all natural which means they will not strip your hair of nutrients but instead replenish your locks.

Start taking care of your hair without breaking the bank. Head to the kitchen and get started on a homemade hair treatment.

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