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How to get rid of acne and acne scars is not an overnight process. As quickly the acne appears it takes far longer time to get rid of it. Sadly, for many individuals acne leaves behind the most damaging scars that ruin people’s self confidence tremendously. Acne outbreaks are known to begin from the age when kids hit puberty. There are many definitive reasons for the outbreak of acne. It could be anything from hormonal imbalances or excess of toxins or free radicals inside the body. These substances end up spilling out toxins from the body in the form of acne and unfortunately the face becomes the most prone place for acne to appear. Some individuals suffer from acute acne cases where the pimples are filled with puss and immediate and emergency medical help is required. There are many ways in which precautions can be taken in order to not get acne from other individuals who are suffering from the situation.

  • Avoid using the same towel, make up sponge (any other facial contact material) if some family member is suffering from the acne problem.
  • Do not rub cheeks as a sign of affection with the affected person.
  • For people who are suffering from acne should avoid popping pimples at all costs as it increases the chances of skin damage and leaves behind inevitable scars.

Hence, there are many ways in which further penetration of the disease can be prevented and also we always suggest to stay optimistic about life. Because acne is also associated with increased levels of stress and mental issues and is viewed to increase in similar conditions. Be calm about the life you are leading and try out these very simple yet effective remedies and cures based on the topical and oral use of Coconut oil, to help fade out the acne scars. Virgin coconut oil has been found as an effective way to get rid of many mediocre ailments and getting rid of acne scars is also one such issue where use of coconut oil is found to be really effective.



There are many super-foods that help prevent acne from further taking up spots on the skin and also in some cases suppresses the breakout. Moreover, most super-foods are known to help get rid of acne scars. There are many recommendations that suggest the use of salmon, spinach, chia seeds, kale, nuts (brazil), and even avocados in the daily diet helps prevent occasional and more often, acne breakouts. Coconut oil is one of the most widely used super-food that helps prevent development of acne scars and also to get rid of any scars that are already present.

  1. The topical use of Coconut oil (like a massaging and moisturizing) agent helps calm down and soothe signs of any inflamed or extremely hot patch of acne prone skin.
  2. A spoonful of coconut oil when taken orally increases the metabolic rate and digestion and increases a healthy bowel movement. This helps get rid of any toxins that have been accumulated in the body.
  3. In order to treat the scars at a rapid pace, topical use of coconut oil prevents any harmful oxidation taking place on the skin.
  4. Acne is prone to increase due to the presence of bacteria in the atmosphere and even on the skin. Coconut oil is blessed with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that help prevent any chances of bacterial infections.
  5. With the topical and oral use of coconut oil that is rich in both healthy fatty acids and lauric acid it not only helps fight off bacteria but also prevents increase in harmful free radicals.


It is always recommended that whenever you try a new treatment (either medical or home remedy) take a small area of the skin to test the application.

  • For this very reason, test an application of a very thin layer of coconut oil on the affected area. It might seem to be a little greasy in the beginning, but coconut oil has the ability to absorb and work immediately to prevent bacterial raid on the skin.
  • For minor to acute acne, use 1-3 times a day, respectively.


The notion to eat even a small amount of oil feels unnatural. But the fact that healthy oils like virgin coconut oil actually helps get rid of toxins build up in the body. Coconut oil also helps normalize improper bowel movements that allows the excretion of accumulated toxins from the colon, along with that there are chances that oral intake of coconut oil might increase the level of acne breakout. There is no worry in this regard because the oil at first expels the toxins from the body because of which there are chances of increased levels of acne, in the beginning. But once the toxins have been cleared from the inside, it helps get rid of not only the problem but even the scars.

  • The daily recommended dose for beginner is a tablespoon of coconut oil.
  • This tablespoon should be spread out, throughout the day, meaning you can take small portions with your basic meals in a day.
  • After you feel getting used to the oral intake, increase your daily intake from 1 tablespoon to 2.
  • You can go as far as up to 3 tablespoons a day.


  • Every other doctor suggests use of fresh green veggies, healthy lean meat, and ample use of fruits and nuts in the daily diet to balance out any imbalances in the body.
  • Drink plenty of water in a day to help get rid of toxins from the body.
  • Exercise is also another way through which body expels the harmful waste from the body in the form of sweat.
  • Finally, a good night’s sleep is what will help your body rejuvenate throughout the night.

If you are interested how coconut oil helps fighting acne read article Coconut Oil for Acne.

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