7 Acne Causing Foods that Needs Your ‘No’

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In our body, the skin functions by absorbing nutrients and discarding toxins. When you consume any unhygienic or unhealthy stuff, the internal system tries to discard its toxins. However, in case it is unable to do so, the toxins get out via the skin’s pores. As a fact, food is not directly responsible for acne. According to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a part of the excess oil production responsible for acne can be due to diet.

Therefore, it is better to avoid those foods that support the cause of this chronic disease. By staying away from these foods, you not only prevent aggravation of acne but also keep your skin clean as far as possible despite this condition. An ideal way to keep your acne-laid skin clean or to prevent acne is to avoid those foods that add up to the oil production coupled with eating more stuff that tends to detoxify your system as well as add to the stock of minerals and vitamins. Here are the foods that you need to stay away from or reduce their intake to a minimum in order to alleviate the likelihood of a breakout or aggravation.

Commercial Sugar Products

Nowadays, the market is full of these foods, as they are the favorite of kids and teens. However, they are the major culprits of your acne breakouts, as they increase the glycemic index in your body, a factor essential for oil production. Furthermore, refined sugar foods even bring down your immunity level. Therefore, it is better to avoid candies, cookies, fruit juices, sodas, cold drinks, sweets, and cakes.

Dairy Products

Even dairy products such as butter, milk, cream, and cheese are believed to add to the condition of acne. According to studies, even these products are bound to increase the glycemic index, which adds up to the quantity of skin oil produced. In fact, the consumption of dairy products is considered the leading cause of this skin condition.

The researchers also affirm that dairy products cause pimples because they are rich in natural sugar content as well as additives. Well, dairy products are also a vital source of calcium. While you quit them during your healthy skin regimen, ensure that you give enough calcium to your body by consuming green vegetables such as kale and broccoli.

High Fat Food Products

Just like the dairy products, even fatty foods have been known to contribute to acne. These foods include fast foods, pudding, and donuts. Even red meat such as pork and lamb are high in fat content. Furthermore, they take much time to digest, due to which the chances of oil deposits in your pores increase. Therefore, it is better to avoid these items if you wish to take complete care of your skin. You even need to give up oily or deeply fried foods. Although oil does not lead to pimples, the low quality or highly processed oils can raise the insulin level and can even retain the causal bacteria.

Spicy Foods

These foods have been infamous even in the past for their ability to spread pimples and lead to acne breakout. However, spicy foods may not be the cause of acne for everyone. They add to acne only if they are not properly digested in the body. Therefore, if you have problem with digestion, having spicy dishes frequently can lead to an acne breakout. Even grilled foods are spicy and are even rich in fat contents. That’s why you need to avoid them also, if you wish to keep acne breakout at a bay.

Processed Foods

It has been found that even processed foods are high on glycemic index, which tend to increase the insulin and sugar levels as well as facilitate the accumulation of bacteria causing acne. One of the main causes of acne is the bacteria build-up in hair follicles. Therefore, it is wise to avoid salty and gluten-based foods such as baked items, chips, or any other white eatable or canned stuff.

If you are fond of canned stuff, it is vital to know that most nutrients are absent in them and that the quantity of refined sugar and preservatives is certainly not in favor of your skin as well as overall health. It is far better to focus on organic and whole foods that are free of gluten and too much salt or sugar.

Here is some nice infographic about processed and organic foods:


Source: http://sustainontario.com/good-food-ideas-for-kids/gallery

Also here is the list of top 10 worst processed foods:

  1. Chicken nuggets 24%
  2. Hot dogs 19%
  3. Fake cheese 14%
  4. Lunchables 13%
  5. Spam 9%
  6. Twinkies 5%
  7. Soda 5%
  8. Artificial sweeteners 4%
  9. Diet versions 4%
  10. French fries 3%

Caffeine Products

It is better to avoid coffee or tea rich in caffeine because even this ingredient can lead to acne by disturbing the balance of your hormones and increasing stress level. Logically also, there is no point in having such beverages if you have to reduce the intake of sugar and dairy stuff, right? Instead of black tea or coffee, try to have a green tea or any other herbal beverage.

To conclude everything here, acne is a tricky condition. All those foods are known to have some connection with acne, but only individual person can decide which foods brings the biggest breakouts and try to lower it’s consumption. Good luck fighting acne and share your weapons against acne in the comments.

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