9 Foods To Prevent Acne, Breakouts And Blemishes

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No not the burger, but now I got your attention and we can talk seriously…

So, you are accustomed to the belief that acne and break outs are the regular part of growing up and your youthful years. At least this is what we are made to believe. However, it is true that the consumption of certain foods in your diet leads to a pathetic break out on the skin. On the contrary, eating foods to prevent or reduce acne and blemishes is also equally effective for maintaining a flawless and healthy skin.

#1 Salmon


The sea fish which are oily in nature are a boon to your skin as their zinc and potassium content is way higher than the fish which live in rivers or any other food for that matter. Also, the very beneficial omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E are richly contained in salmon and a piece of this fish every day at lunch or dinner can actually go a long way in improving your skin and adding a natural glow to it. On top of that, your skin would remain healthy and free from any kind of blemish and acne problems.

#2 Nuts

Glass of water

Not only do nuts benefit your skin by preventing break outs and blemishes, they also make a healthy and wise option for your mid meal snacks. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, hazel nuts and Brazil nuts are extremely loaded with nutrients like Vitamin E and healthy fats. To top it all there is a good quantity of zinc present in it to heal any pimples or acne present on your skin. So, instead of sipping on endless cups of coffee in your free hours or in between the meals, stick to a handful of these tasty and healthful nuts.

#3 Berries

Berries smile

Now we all love to eat the juicy and refreshing berries don’t we? Or even if you are the one who does not quite prefer to get messy with the juicy strawberries, mulberries, blueberries or our very own, good old cherries, then please start eating them for the sake of your skin. If you dream to get a supple and clear skin free from any kind of imperfection, and also maintain the youth quotient of your skin then eat at least one portion of these worthy berries every day. They contain Vitamin C and the powerful anti-oxidants that help your skin fight all these imperfections.

#4 Bell peppers, carrots and spinach


How about having spinach broth with red, yellow and green bell peppers and carrots stir fried for dinner? These foods are a handsome source of anti-oxidants, vitamins and a special nutrient called carotene(mainly found in carrots) which helps in keeping the skin clear, flushes out toxins, prevents constipation as well. Sometimes, when the digestive system is not getting cleared properly, it leads to pimples and other skin problems. So eating these foods minimize the risk.

#5 Yogurt

Yogurt cup

With lacto bacterial acids in it and a high content of vitamin B, yogurt is a natural skin cleanser. It facilitates bowel movement on a regular basis and also prevents blemishes. However stay away from sweetened yogurt as they could prove to be acidic when go inside your digestive system. Plain or slightly salted yogurt (usually without the extra fat in it) is ideal to keep your skin healthy and glowing forever!

#6 Olive Oil

Olive oil

Use olive oil to saute that fish or stir fry those colorful vegetables during lunch or dinner. A dressing of this olive also does wonders to control acne and pimples. Quite surprisingly an olive oil massage on the face can help the skin release all the dirt and extra oil, which is the main cause of acne and break outs. It brightens your skin and also maintains its natural moisture levels. Also you should be interested in coconut oil.

#7 Eggs


Eggs are not only the power house of proteins and but also quite abundant in zinc, potassium and minerals. A whole egg, best consumed as boiled for breakfast is an easy and simple way to fight acne and pimples. Adding to this, your immunity levels would also improve and you would feel less stressed that you feel otherwise during the day.

#8 Tomatoes


Our good old tomatoes actually serve a multiple purposes. They could be consumed raw as salads, could be squeezed into a juice, you could boil them down to a soup and they also make interesting gravies. To cut it short, eat tomatoes whenever and howsoever you can! This brilliant and juicy vegetable with a good dose of anti oxidants and vitamin c keep the skin infection free and also curbs any foreign toxic element from affecting the body.

#9 Fluids

Glass of water

Last but certainly not the least. Do not under estimate the power and benefits of consuming enough fluids. The first and foremost being water on the list of essential fluids for your skin. Drink up atleast 2.5 liters of water every day to flush out the impurities and dirt from the skin through urination. Consume vegetable juices for that healthy flush and acne free skin. They also control freckles and wrinkles. Avoid fruit juices though and prefer to eat them whole in order to get the fiber supply.

Do you know any foods you could recommend? Share them in the comments!

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