8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Aloe-Vera

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Staying naturally healthy is a secret wish that we all harbor. After all, who wishes to pop up pills and get those tedious and expensive medical treatments done time repeatedly in order to remain disease free? Well, the good news is that aloe vera, an age old plant which is known for its medicinal and beauty benefits could be the answer to most of our health troubles. However, the people who are prone to asthma, respiratory problems or vulnerability to cold should avoid consuming this. Here is how this plant benefits your health:

Increases Resistance Against Illness

Aloe Vera juice is said to regulate the immunity system of our body and thereby increases our ability to fight with any kind of foreign element which could harm the body. This juice is very rich in anti-oxidants which are very effective in fighting the free radicals and the pollutants which are present in the environment and which have the capacity to harm the internal systems of our body and also at times out skin and hair externally.

A Natural and Effective Hair Conditioner

The Aloe Vera leaves are beautifully designed and have a natural sharp shape. They contain the very useful and precious gel which is said to be a powerhouse of nutrients. You could cut open the leaf and apply the natural gel directly on your hair like a conditioner after a hair wash. Keep it for five minutes and then rinse off like you do with other artificial conditioners. Let your hair dry naturally and do not use a hair dryer. You would get desirably long, luscious and shiny hair. It also repairs any split ends and prevents hair loss.

Soothing Skin Toner

Aloe Vera juice or gel is an ideal skin care product albeit natural. You could get glowing, soft and supply skin oozing with youth and radiance, and all this in a very cost effective way. All you have to do is get aloe vera plants potted in your house and simply reap the benefits of this amazing plant. Massage its gel on a clean face, it would make a wonderful toner and would also cool down your heat induced skin. Skin pores which become wide due to hot showers or excessive heat would be sealed up by using this gel.

Natural Anti-Ageing Product

The reason why aloe vera is used extensively in so many skin care products is because it has anti-ageing properties which boost collagen (which is responsible for skin tightening). So if you wish to keep your skin glowing with youthful flush, then apply aloe very gel very often on your skin. Simply beat an egg and add some honey to it. Mix aloe vera gel and apply it like a face pack. Wash off after 15 minutes.

Helps with Diabetes

The people suffering from diabetes are recommended by health experts to consume 100 ml of aloe vera juice first thing in the morning when they wake up. So, if you are also diabetic and wish to stay away from those pills, then before sipping on that large mug of coffee right in the morning, drink aloe vera juice and manage your blood sugar levels effectively.

Boosts Weight Loss

So, you are just petrified by the thought of standing on that weighing machine and track your weight loss progress! You would be relieved to know that simply having aloe vera juice in the morning gives a powerful boost to your metabolism and thereby helps in whittling away those pounds. It takes a lot of energy to get digested therefore the body burns a considerable amount of calories while digesting it.

Eases Digestion and Prevents Constipation

Now you do not have to make those painful visits to the washroom because of that tormenting constipation you have been suffering from since weeks. Simply consume aloe vera juice two times in a day or eat the gel right in the morning before you go to the loo. Aloe vera regularizes the bowel movements and eases excretion which gives your relief.

Helps In Healing Inflammation

Your skin often gets irritated and there is an intense itching sensation especially if you have taken a long hot shower or have exposed your skin to the sun without wearing a proper skin protection. Apply some aloe vera gel in its natural form and let it stay on that part for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. This is an effective cure to skin inflammation.

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