Ghassoul – Magic from Morocco

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Ghassoul rhassoul clay

Ghassoul, rhassoul – so called the magnificent Morocco clay from the Atlassian Mountains. In arabian ghassala means “to be washed”.
Rhassoul clay is exceptional and known for its gentleness and natural healing. This with minerals rich clay which sank in the ocean millions years ago. It contains large amounts of silica, potassium and magnesium.
Rhassoul has been used throughout West Africa as a hair and skin care remedy for ages, and was the most popular product transported from the Sahara camel caravans to India. It was awarded in ancient Egypt and Rome’s high society representatives, and these days the Prince of Morocco supervises a private, for own use only, rhassoul clay mine.
Ghassoul has been used for centuries in Morocco and Tunisia. It is a necessary part of traditional steam bath with warm stone table and a variety of other spa treatments.
This clay is distinguished from other kinds of clay its exceptional ability to absorb water, so it will please those who is eager to have fluffy hair, improve their texture and have a healthy and clean skin.
Ghassoul is perfect for daily care for all skin types, as well as even the most sensitive, plagued by pink or dilated capillaries skin.
This silky clay do not irritate the face, body and scalp, it cleans the skin without removing the protective sebum.
This clay is so gentle that you when you wash your face with the paste, it seems you are washing the skin with the soap foam and not the rough-grained clay.
Ghassoul removes oil excess from the surface and inside of the skin, as well as accruing around the black spots.
It leaves the hair soft and friable, reduces the need for frequent cleaning. Also, It removes dandruff and ease too greasy hair problem.
Studies were conducted to evaluate the therapeutic properties of this clay – it was found that even one use of ghassoul clay causes significant changes in the skin:

    • Reduces dryness (79%);
    • Improves skin purity (68%);
    • Improves skin elasticity / firmness (24%);
    • Improves skin texture (106%).

Important: Do not mix rhassoul clay with also a Moroccan, but cheap, red clay that has a strong drying effect, which is not suitable for a dry or sensitive skin.
Mix ghassoul with orange blossom, rose, lavender or chamomile water to get the best effect, often derived clay is enriched with vegetable oils or extracts as to their effects.

Ghassoul is best recommended for:

    • As a sensitive skin cleanser – ghassoul paste of clay, water and oil washes dirt gently and without prejudice to the skin, using ghassoul, restores normal skin’s hydrolipidic film production;
    • Ideal for combination skin;
    • Ideal for oily, especially – acne prone skin.

Ghassoul is used in a form of paste. Pasta is made from: 1 part ghassoul: 1 part HIDROLATS and / or drinking water and / or green tea. Do not try to immediately mix it, just leave it for 5 minutes so that the water can be absorbed into the clay. Only then add the missing amount of water to get the consistency of liquid yogurt. Ghassoul is nourishing, one-third of a teaspoon of clay is sufficient for one time face cleaning procedure.

The more skin is drier and sensitive, the more liquid and fattier (enriched with oil) ghassoul paste should be used.
You can make a larger amount of ghassoul paste. All it takes to keep the paste in the hottest part of the refrigerator (door, vegetable section) for no longer than 7 days, or no more than 2 days at a room temperature.

Hair washing

It acts as a natural shampoo and balm in one, which washes away dirt and excess of oil from the scalp and hair without damaging hair follicles and keratin while balancing the activity of sebaceous glands. Ghassoul leaves hair shiny and fluffy.
Ghassoul shampoo is very easy to prepare at home. Just prepare the clay paste, stir it until the liquid yogurt-consistency and apply the paste on your wet hair and scalp. Leave it for 5-10 minutes (if you have dry hair) 5-15 minutes (if you have normal hair type), 10-20 minutes (if you have oily hair type). After the treatment wash your hair with plenty of water.
Later, when the hair gets used to rhassoul clay treatment, you will notice that to reach the effect you no longer need to leave it for 10-15 min and you will be able to wash your hair right away.
Ghassoul paste can be enriched with a spoon of honey – it’s perfect for sun exposed, rare hair.

Body care

Ghassoul used in spa centers, as it perfectly softens skin, wash away all the dirt and removes dead skin cells, which allows for your skin to stay silky-soft like velvet.
You may use it instead of:

    • Wash – mix with warm water until you get a liquid yogurt-like consistency; Apply a thick layer of paste all body, hold at least a few minutes (For best results hold 15-40 min.), rinse with water;
    • Scrub – exfoliates the skin and helps to eliminate toxins and freckles.

Facial skin care

You may use it instead of:

    • Cleanser or makeup remover – gently rinse wet facial skin in a circular motion with liquid ghassoul paste, rinse with water;
    • Scrub – exfoliates the skin and helps to eliminate toxins and freckles.
    • Mask for oily, mixed, impure skin, because ghassoul absorbs excess oil, facial dirt and pulls dirt from the pores. All it takes is mix ghassoul with water, or even better – with HIDROLATS, apply paste on your face and leave it for 5 minutes. Wash with water only after you sense catching, drying feeling.

Important: For a dry and / or sensitive skin to prepare a smooth paste and be sure to stir in a dash of unrefined jojoba, avocado, macadamia or extraordinary argan-oil to make the skin wetter.

Ghassoul paste can be enriched with a spoon of organic plain yogurt or honey – it’s perfectly suited for dry, dull face. For example, clay + honey mix makes a great mask for a dry skin care.


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Ghassoul - Magic from Morocco
Article uncovers Ghassoul clay properties, that helps for your skin and hair.

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