Tips and Tricks to Treat Acne Overnight

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Acne is the most common problem among all the ladies out there. It is like the pimples always know when to appear out of the blue and spoil your special events.

Saying that you can make the breakout disappear overnight seems very unrealistic and close to impossible. However, there surely are ways using which you can reduce the size and redness of the zit overnight and make it concealable by the time you have to head out.

I have been using some simple tricks to treat my acne and it has helped me big time. Let me share those easy-peasy tricks with you here. Keep reading and thank me later!

Drops of Tea Tree Oil

Applying oil to your already aggravated acne does not sound like a good idea. But when it comes to tea tree oil, it makes a holy-grail product for fighting bacteria and treating zit overnight. It is healing and soothing oil with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It has incredible power to significantly reduce the size of the new zit overnight. Just cleanse your face before going to bed and then apply your non-greasy moisturizer. Once it is settled, take a cotton pad and put some oil on it and apply it gently to your pimple. Leave it on your skin and see the magic in the morning.

Toothpaste it!

Yes! Toothpaste is a little more than just for your teeth. White toothpastes have baking soda, alcohol and other such ingredients that dry out the pimple if you leave it overnight. Make sure your face is clean and you apply it right before you go to bed. Only apply it to your pimple. Plus, if your skin is too sensitive, I would recommend you to not go for this trick.

Ice It Down

Ice has the incredible power to fight inflammation that occurs in the pimple and makes it giant. Therefore, when you massage your pimple with an ice before going to bed, it will take away the redness and swelling prevailing in the zit and reduce the size greatly by the time you wake up.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has got the astringent properties that help in fighting bacteria and inflammation prevailing in the skin. All you need is a cotton pad and some apple cider vinegar on it. It makes a great overnight mask for acne prone skin. Apply it on your affected areas and keep it on for about a minute. Go to sleep without washing the face. It will help kill the bacteria overnight and treat the acne.

Pimple Band-Aid

Pimple Band-Aids are great overnight solution for killing the bacteria and reducing the size and redness of the pimple. These band-aids are infused with medication that combat the bacteria and soothe the skin. Apply it after you have cleansed your face before heading to bed. Remove it in the morning and conceal it easily with the help of makeup. Keep a box with you and apply it as soon as a blemish appears.

Drying Lotion

If you have even the most severe acne and acne scars, drying lotion can treat it in a blink overnight. These lotions have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They do not only soothe the skin, but also dry out the pimple completely while you sleep peacefully. You only need to apply the lotion on the affected areas on your properly cleansed face. Wash it off in the morning and see the magic happen.

Cucumber Mask

Cucumbers are super soothing for the skin and enriched with healthy vitamins that do not only treat acne but also make the skin suppler while you sleep. Extract the cucumber juice and store it in a spray bottle. Use it as a night mask by spraying it on to your skin before going to bed. Keep the mask on and wash the face in the morning. Doing so will also help reduce your fine lines under the eyes.

Lemon Juice Treatment

Lemon juice is enriched with vitamin C and bleaching properties. It does not only kill the bacteria lying in to the skin but it also treats the scars along. Plus, it also brightens the complexion and evens out the tone. All you need to do is take half a lemon and apply its juice on your pimples using a cotton bud. Make sure you do not apply it all over your skin, but the skin only. Use this treatment three to four days every week and you will see a clear difference in your skin.

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Sania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal. She ritually posts at The Smart Women Blog.

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