6 Simple But Effective Ways to Reduce Wrinkles Naturally

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Are you worried that your skin has started looking older? Are you looking for ways that can help you reduce wrinkles naturally?

Typically wrinkles were seen mostly in aging people. But due to growing stress, lack of sleep, improper diet, skin starts getting damaged, leading to wrinkles in the mid-20s. Some other causes of wrinkles are:

  • Smoking – reduces blood flow in skin followed by appearing of fine lines & wrinkles;
  • Genetics – family problem can be one of the reasons;
  • Free radicals – free radicals from pollution can damage skin’s collagen;
  • Loss of weight – drastically reduced weight can cause wrinkles;
  • Exposure to Sun – harmful UV rays can cause skin’s collagen leading to wrinkles;

These are the most common causes of appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Women are forever searching for quick & homemade remedies that can naturally lessen wrinkles replenishing the shine of the skin. There are numerous simple and effective ways reducing lines naturally. These ways are inexpensive, easy to follow and don’t include any side effects.

Stay away from the SUN

Sun contributes most towards the development of wrinkles. The UV rays are harmful and damage the skin which is indeed sensitive in nature. The moisture is taken away from the skin by the harmful UV rays. Also, the collagen fails to protect the skin from demolishment and further weakens. Hence, carrying an umbrella or a hat before you step out in the sun every day is a must.

Don’t forget applying a sunscreen high in SPF at least half an hour before stepping out.  Go for products that are based on water instead of harmful chemicals. You can use sunscreen lotion on cloudy days as well.

Fight genetics problem

Genetic factor can be one of the reasons of your wrinkles. Some people develop wrinkles in mid-40s, but some people develop wrinkles as early as in mid-20s only. However, some develop them in mid-70s. Such wrinkles can be effectively reduced with some easy steps.

  • Eat more fish such as Salmon. It is a great source of protein and building blocks for shining skin;
  • Eat more fruits and veggies. Prefer eating raw fruits and green veggies;
  • Don’t wash you face too much, don’t rub too much. It can wipe off natural skin oil too;

Use moisturizer frequently

Women neglect the power of simple moisturizer and keep investing in expensive anti – aging products. Moist skin looks better which makes lines & creases less noticeable.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Habits like smoking and too much alcohol intake can be one of the reasons for developing wrinkles too early. Avoid or lessen smoking and alcohol consumption to get your shining skin back.

Sleep well and stay tension free

Life is the way you take it. Tension and stress are consequences of fast pacing life. Avoid taking too much stress, sleep well and eat a healthy diet to reduce the wrinkles. Be calm and look out for solutions rather than taking tensions.

Apply a paste of Aloe Vera gel and egg white

Aloe Vera gel and egg white are rich sources of Vitamin E, required by skin the most. You can apply a paste of Aloe Vera gel and egg white over your face. Leave it for half an hour after gently massaging. Wash it off and get shining skin. You can do the same twice a week.

These are some of the tips that can help you reduce your wrinkles naturally. Some more simple and quick remedies are:

  • Sleeping on your back;
  • Getting reading glasses and avoiding squinting;
  • Eating more & more soy;
  • Taking coffee for cocoa for improved circulation of skin cells;
  • Use a cleanser instead of soap to wash face;
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle;

Besides resorting to homemade remedies, certain topical treatments can also help to reduce wrinkles naturally:

  • Take fruits containing Alpha-hydroxy acids reducing the appearance of fine lines;
  • Apply Retinoids – cream reducing fine lines and wrinkles & repairs skin from sun damage;
  • Topical vitamin C- Increases the collagen products & repairs sun damage;

Try the remedies to lessen your wrinkles naturally. Get your shining skin and look younger as ever.


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