DIY Green Tea Facial Mask

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Green tea facial masks are the perfect ways to clean and refresh your skin. There are no harsh chemical or abrasives so it works well for sensitive skin. Green tea is a natural antioxidant and helps to slow down the aging process. It rejuvenates your skin.

If you have acne, pimples or blackheads and they seem difficult to get rid of, proper care can help you to get rid of it quickly. When even the most luxurious products do not provide the best solution, try simple home remedies with green tea instead.

Get rid of stress – is first DIY tip and trick to get awesome looking skin without blemishes and blackheads. Second, exercise properly and avoid harsh skin cleansers and chemical creams. These are products that make your skin worse. Eat and drink healthy foods (like green tea) and be careful when cleaning your skin. Your best bet is to use green tea as a facial mask, and be sure to make it by yourself.

Making Green Tea Face Mask

These recipes are really easy and cheap to make. If possible, use only natural components.

Green tea face mask with egg yolk and honey

You will need to gather one egg yolk, a whisk, ½ teaspoon of honey and a spoon. You will also need ½ teaspoon of green tea, a bowl, cotton wool pad and a towel.
Pour the egg yolk into your bowl and whisk it until it turns to light yellow mixture. Pour the honey into a bowl and stir with a wooden spoon. Honey will bind all the ingredients together and soften your skin.
Add ½ teaspoon of green tea leaves, crushed. Now stir again with your spoon until mixed everything completely.

Using your fingers or a cotton wool pad, apply the mixture to your clean face. Lay down and relax for 15 minutes. Take a power nap if you can.
After fifteen minutes, rinse your face and pat, not rub, dry with a soft, clean towel.
Repeat this mask at least once a week. It helps get rid of small wrinkles also.

Green tea facial mask/scrub with lemon juice and sugar

Another DIY recipe for a green tea facial mask uses different ingredients with a twist.
Steep a cup of green tea for about one hour. Use a lot of tea leaves. Cool the tea to room temperature.
Mix in a tablespoon of raw sugar. Add half a tablespoon of lemon juice. Sugar and lemon juice works as an exfoliation and cleans your pores.
Pat the mixture onto your skin and leave for about 15 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you can use the recipe as a scrub.
Rinse off, moisturize your face and enjoy the clean and tingly feeling.

Use this treatment at least once a week. You should see a healthier and clearer complexion in no time. Use an SPF of 15 if you are outdoors for any length of time (this includes the winter months, too). Men can also use this mask to keep their skin healthy.

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