How to Own Your Natural Beauty

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The world of cosmetic has created the impression that beauty is expensive, even though beauty is absolutely free. Natural beauty is an asset owned by everyone in the universe, especially women. You don’t have to apply thick layers of makeup to feel beautiful.

Maybe you have been called to do a segment on detoxing from meth and you are wondering what makeup to wear. How about you start owning your natural beauty for a start? Here are some of the tips to own your natural beauty without make-up:

Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Someone said that we are what we eat, they were right. Whatever food you put into your body affects so many areas of your body, including your skin, and weight. Natural beauty comes from within you, which means whatever you ingest can affect what’s on the outside.

Make healthy eating more of a habit than a choice. Consume more veggies and fruits in your daily diet. Also, incorporate healthy eating with exercise. Healthy eating and an active life go hand in hand. Once you get used to the healthy lifestyle, you will see the positive impact it will have on your skin and confidence.

Natural Ingredients Face Scrub

Natural Ingredients Face Scrub

There are so many natural remedies in your home that you can use to sweep the dead skin from your face and body. Natural face-scrubs give you a fresh and clean facial skin. Ingredients like lemon, brown sugar, baking soda, potato slices, coffee scrub, are some of the natural ingredients that let your skin breathe.

One of our favorites is the olive oil coffee scrub, add olive oil to used coffee residue, mix them together and use it as a facial scrub. Add sugar to make it stick. Leave the scrub on your skin for about ten minutes then wash it off. It will leave your skin feeling fresh. There are so many natural face scrub recipes on the web, find what works for you.

Ensuring Enough Breath For Your Skin

You need to let your skin breath often. Apply makeup causes your skin to breathe because it closes the pores hardly. This leads to problems like acne and aging. Wash your face at least twice a day and avoid using hard soap, or soap that contains falsified ingredients and odor. Try using Aloe-Vera and turmeric as a natural beauty treatment.


There is a reason they invented the ‘Sleeping Beauty Tale,’ enough sleep helps increase natural beauty. Enough sleep helps you get back lost energy, reduce stress, and stay calm. Sleep aids the production of collagens that are functioned for healthy skin. If you are looking to own your natural beauty, you need to make sure to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep.

Health of the Mouth

You don’t always have to polish your lips with different brands of lipstick to have lovely lips. You can still look pretty without lipstick. Try of using lip balm to moisturize your lips instead of using lipstick. Avoiding lipstick keeps your lips and mouth smooth and soft. You also need to brush your teeth regularly. Yellowish teeth appearance distracts your natural beauty.

Here is How You Can Still Express Yourself Through Style While Staying Natural

Whether you are going to a meeting with a lawyer, your style personality should be expressed in the clothes and accessories you wear and how you groom yourself. However, while the character does play a significant role in clothing selection, the mood is a stronger predictor. What you often dress times than not, is dictated by your mood.

Clothing can influence a perception of the traits you possess. Therefore, by wearing appropriate clothes, you create a belief that you have a specifictrait. It could be professionalism, responsibility or honesty. Here is how you can inform your clothing choices and ensure that your style gives an impression of who you are:

Dress For You

Dress For You

When you look at your wardrobe, ask yourself what could have influenced the choices you have. Where some of the clothes choices influenced by friends and family? Did you buy some items because they were in fashion and not because you were drawn to them?

Clothing is a reflection of your personality, and not anyone else’s. Make it a point to only select items that you love and that will fit your personal state. And of course, they should look good on you.

Discover Your Style

If you have been struggling to identify your style personality, you should do some self-discovery. Get some magazines or surf the internet and look at some of the clothing styles you like. You can create a collage with them, note next to the items describing why you love them.

For instance, you might end up noticing that some of the words you use are soft, feminine, floaty, to describe the items. Pay attention to the words you use; they give you a clue maybe your style is about looking feminine, soft, and romantic.

Dress up in What Makes You Feel Good

Chances are, if you are in a good mood, you will most likely select the style that will reflect your high spirits. But what if you are feeling below par? Well, use your clothes to lift up your moods. You can do this by wearing something that will make you feelgoodin; it could be your favorite dress or an entire outfit.

Dress How You Want to Feel

If you want to feel responsible, professional, and competent in preparation for an important meeting. Use your style to shape how you feel and perceive yourself. Choose the clothes that will boost your professional sense, confidence, and performance.

Don’t Be a Slave to Fashion

If you choose to wear clothes based on the fashion trends and not whether or not it suits your style, then you cease to honor your style personality. If you slave up to fashion, you will not feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Fashion is good, but only if it fits your own personal style.


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