How to stay Safe in the Sun and Avert Damages from UV Exposure

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The sun is worshiped as a divine power, a god in many cultures but those who require going out in the open under the hot blazing star on a daily basis will know better. The sun can be a devil too. More or less singlehandedly the sun is behind all the depressing skin troubles you had been experiencing since always—the cluster of brown specks on and around your nose, the drying skin around the mouth, the darkness under eyes and the overall dermal unevenness with a parched look—all of it could be counted as sun damage. Photo-ageing or the condition of suffering from visible dermatological anomalies brought about by excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiations resulting in deterioration of biological functions and the capacity to withhold metabolic stress; ushers in early signs of ageing which only intensifies with time. The functional and aesthetic changes brought to skin due to ageing are multiple and all of them are equally depressing. The process can be reinvigorated by both intrinsic and genetically determined way, or by extrinsic environmental factors.

A sunny day out might sound like a jolly good idea but the ultra violets are no friends of your skin so beware and follow these steps:

Screen Up Against the Sun

Here comes the most clichéd one. Your mother has told you so and the glossy lifestyle magazines too have made an endless number of cover stories on the same—wear sunscreen, every time everywhere you go. Sounds impractical? We cannot help it. If you believe in prevention before cure this is the golden rule to be followed. Carry a tube of cream in your bag whenever you are out and douse the sun exposed areas in the preventive potion. Choose a standard SPF 30 pack which says “broad spectrum” and be anal about applying it in all situations no matter how challenging it is. The “broad spectrum” label confirms protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This might give you a sticky and not so polished look on working days in the sun but, can save you from a parched blackened texture and you can freely dance at the evening parties in the glowing skin you actually have. Thankfully, the market has introduced power-like sunscreen lotions which are less bothersome and gels too. Don’t forget to reapply when necessary!

Try wide brimmed hats and dark glasses with good face coverage to fool the sun and also long-sleeved shirts and trousers. It need not be as boring as it sounds style-wise. You can spruce up the look favorably with deep necks and complimenting colors.

Cosmetic Help for Aversion of Damage

If prevention is no more an option in the present condition of your skin, think about rejuvenating it with intensive anti-tanning moisturizing formula. Check for the areas where frequent age signs appear and become concentrated and treat these patches more sensitively and hide them from the sun at all times. At the best skin clinic in London, dermal damage removal treatment is availed for application very regionally, only in the portions tarnished by sun damage which pretty comprehensively takes care of eradicating or at least diminishing signs of ageing like fine dents, spots and blemish patches and such anomalies. Chemical peel treatment, now available at many skin clinics in London, too targets visible marks as well as overall texture of the face and concerned facial proximity.

Author Bio: Ishbel Straker is a fully qualified NMC registered Nurse. She has firsthand experience of receiving cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatment at one of the top skin clinics in London. Her advice regarding the best skin clinic in London has helped many to fight their skin troubles effectively.

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