Milk – The Natural Moisturizer During Winter

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During the winter season our skin becomes rough and dry. The moisture gradually decreases and our skin becomes dry and irritated. People use several moisturizers from the market but the best moisturizers can be the ones that are available in our home. Ingredients like milk can act as natural moisturizer during the winter and can give you smooth nourished skin. The benefits of milk are immense and it can be a great natural moisturizer for your daily needs during the winter season.

Composition of Milk and the Way It Benefits the Skin:

The composition of milk is 85% in water and it has a lot of moisturizing benefits. The facts that say milk is good for skin are as follows:

The fat of the milk is great as it has several natural moisturizing factors beneficial for the skin.

The protein, vitamin and mineral content of the milk is great and has anti-aging properties.

The lipase, protease and the lacto peroxidase is helpful as exfoliates and destroy the dead cells of your skin.

Milk on Your Skin:

Milk can be used in various ways in your skin. The ways through which milk can really benefit your skin and can be used are as follows:

Milk has properties of fat, water, proteins that has natural moisturizers. You can use whole fat fresh milk as moisturizer but also can use as milk cream if there is dryness in your skin.

The oil soluble impurities in your skin can be removed with the help of enzymes like lipase, protease and thus it give you a more balanced skin.

Due to the property of exfoliation the dead skin cells are removed from the skin and give you an even toned skin.

The proteins, vitamins and minerals help in reducing wrinkles and also stop the formation of new wrinkles.

The pores in face are shrinked to the great extent and the skin is repaired to a great extent with the help of cooling properties of milk. The sunburn is reduced to a great extent with the help of low fat cool milk.

Milk Recipes to Moisturize the Skin

The skin can be moisturized to a great extent with the help of several recipes. You will get the best results within a short period of time if you follow the method regularly.

One such recipe is as follows:

Take some raw unboiled milk and the cream of milk.

Saturate a wash cloth after dipping it in the mixture.

Then with the help of the wash cloth you can apply the mixture on the face.

Keep the mixture for 5-15 minutes after that again dip the mixture and scrub again for    3-5 minutes with the help of the wash cloth.

Effects of Milk on Your Skin

Your skin will be smooth and glowing. You will feel refreshed and glowing and daily treatment can help in improving the complexion of skin. The elasticity of the skin along with the water retaining capacity of the mixture will help you to improve the skin elasticity.

Using full cream milk or goat milk is ideal for this type of treatment. Once in a while you can use this for your whole body and get the best results. The oil secretion of the skin is balanced to a great extent and prevents in skin breakouts.

If you are consistent with this type of routine then the best results can be seen within three days. Milk will give you a lighter and glowing skin.

You can also seek for some valuable advice from the doctors on how to get smooth and moist skin with the help of milk. Using milk can really improve your skin and is highly beneficial to your skin and also to your health.

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