Revealing Your Real Self Through Makeup

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Many women swear that mascara is like underwear. They would not leave home without it.

It is not that a foundation is absolutely essential. No woman looks ugly without makeup. Rather, it is desirable. Makeup presents a better version of your natural self.

There is also an argument that makeup powers women. They get more admiration, trust, and warmth from their coworkers.

A study conducted by a well-known university reveals that women feel more confident when wearing makeup.

Yet, there are women who feel otherwise. They are of the opinion that the quality of their skills does not depend on the color of their lipstick or whether they have mascara on.

“Opinions about attractiveness should not spill over into the judgments about competence and performance.”

Such opinions are in minority, however. The truth is cosmetics significantly change how people see you, how smart you look on first impression, or how approachable and friendly you are.

These are some of the aspects completely within a woman’s control. By pleasing our own eyes, we inspire confidence in ourselves.

To reinforce the belief that cosmetics adds value to a woman’s personality, research on perception of faces has underpinned the fact that facial beauty has a significant positive impact on judgment of competence, which today is a benchmark of social recognition.

A daily grooming ritual can be a confidence booster even if transient because even a temporary lift in self-esteem is enough to fuel energy for the whole day.

The right pose for makeup is of course important because more often than not, a minimalist approach is what is needed most of the time. You would not want to overdo and literally frighten people away.

Many specialist makeup updates focus on the less is more approach. In other words, the right application used in appropriate situations is undeniably important in a professional environment.

How would it look if a senior female executive delivered a speech at an important meeting looking as if she has just rolled out of bed?

Makeup in any case is essential. But it can be tricky too, especially if it is work makeup.

A wrong shade of lipstick may invite a frown from your coworkers or even your boss. You need not be paranoid. Your office appearance is as impactful as your date-night look.

Here are tips to wear the perfect makeup at the workplace:

  • Eyes—An office is not the right place to try on trendy shades from your favorite collection. Keep it simple. Neutral colors are best at the most with just a hint of shimmer. Using a black liner instead of a brown one to give a softer and more natural look.
  • Lips—You may get tempted to use one of those pretty pinks. Such colors wash out your face and give a distracting look. It’s certainly not the thing to do in a professional setting. A moisture-rich one is OK. After all, you want to ensure your lips are hydrated all day.
  • Cheeks—Avoid foundation altogether. Some are heavy and give you a cake face. Some creams will cover you well without making you look chalky. Some well-known brands offer cheek stains that are subtle and last a long time. But first try them on to see if it suits you.

If you are going for an interview, your aim should be to enhance your natural features and not overshadow them. Do not walk in with a smoky eye, pink lips, or flushed cheeks. Interviewers may wonder whether you are job focused.

What about silver and gold makeup?

If you want to be a winner with your makeup skills, you too can have access to gold and silver like Olympians do.

But many are too unadventurous and do not like to mix metals with their usual makeup accessories. But you should not forget that blending together opposing metals can be a great idea. It can flatter in a restrained and unexpected manner, and it is easy to do if you know how.

Silver and gold makeup can be tricky because if you do not do it well, you will end up with a mess. Gold and silver have light reflecting qualities, so mixing the two can dull both. Ideally focus on one, and accentuate the other.

All that said, many makeup updates highlight the less is more approach when it comes to cosmetics.

By being obsessed with makeup, you could be trying to become someone others want you to be—a hot, sexy girl—while you want others to know you as a glamorous, sophisticated woman always looking for an adventure.

Do not let makeup lead you to being lonely and guarded, hiding your real self. Instead of pouring dollars each month on new products, try to discover new things about yourself and your own perception about beauty. You will be a far happier person.

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