Top 11 Tips to Prevent Acne & Pimples

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Pimples appear on your skin when your oil organs are overactive and pores get swollen. Pimples and acne can show up anyplace on the skin, yet they frequently happen on the face. Since pimples are normally activated by androgen hormones and, at times, genetic qualities, there’s no surefire approach to kill them. In any case, there are some useful techniques to reduce and limit them. Here are 11 of them. Have a look:

  1. Washing your face helps.

To avoid pimples, it’s essential to expel excess oil, dust, and sweat every day. Don’t wash your face more than 2-3 times per day as that may intensify skin inflammation. Avoid any brutal chemicals that can dry up your skin. Some products are harsh on skin. Try to use as less chemicals on your face as you can. Use cold water to wash your face always.

  1. You must know your skin type.

Oily skin is said to be the most prone for pimples and acne.  Mix oily and dry skin implies you have both oily and dry areas. The greasy patches have a tendency to be your temple, nose, and chin area known as your T-zone.

Figuring out which skin type you have will enable you to pick the correct skin products. For instance, if your skin is full of oil, pick non-comedogenic skin products that won’t block your pores.

  1. Moisturizing your skin is important.

Lotions enable skin to remain hydrated. Be that as it may, numerous creams contain oil, scents, or different materials that may produce rashes and inflammation. To help avoid pimples, utilize scent free, non-comedogenic lotions when you feel like your skin is drying.

  1. Stay away from stress.

Stress doesn’t cause pimples, yet it might worsen them. As indicated by the American Academy of Dermatology, examination has demonstrated that when you’re stressed out, your body releases more oil-generating hormones.

A ways to control stress are:

  • Yoga–it helps in releasing feelings of stress.
  • Meditation—it calms your mind and body.
  • Journaling—it enables you to put all your negative thoughts out of your system.
  • Massage—it relaxes your muscles and gives your skin more shine and health. Keep a massage chair at home for regular massages. Review some good options here.
  1. Remain hydrated.

When you are not hydrated enough your skin flags the oil organs to create more oil. Lack of hydration makes your skin very dull and increases pimples and redness. Make sure to drink water after a workout. Also, when you’re pregnant or breast feeding or you are present somewhere in a very hot climate.

  1. Limit the use of cosmetics.

It’s a need for most girls to utilize cosmetics to conceal pimples. But that invites more pimples on your skin. Make sure you use make up occasionally when you have acne. Regular use of foundation or makeup increases acne and pimples a lot.

Go as natural as you can. Oily creams, hair and makeup products can also cause pimples. Always pick non-comedogenic alternatives.

  1. Avoid heat and sunlight.

Enjoying some sunshine may reduce pimples for the time being, yet it causes significant skin issues for long term. Sun dries out the skin, which after some time makes it deliver extra oil and create pores blockage.

It’s critical to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh rays of sun. Be that as it may, numerous sunscreens are sleek. For best pimple protection you should wear a non-comedogenic sunscreen.

  1. Don’t be a pimple popper.

No matter how much you feel like crushing that overwhelming whitehead on your cheek, don’t. It will bleed, have extreme scarring and you can end up having a skin disease. It might likewise expand irritation and block surrounding pores, intensifying your pimples and acne.

  1. Apply tea tree oil.

This oil is a well-known traditional society solution for pimples. As indicated by the Mayo Clinic, it might “lessen the quantity of inflamed and non-inflamed pimple scars.”

To use this oil simply apply two or three drops to the affected region. Before using tea tree oil take a test to check whether it bothers your skin or not. Apply a couple of drops on your lower arm, and hold up a few hours. In the event that that it creates irritation, diluting the oil is a good alternative before utilizing it.

  1. Maintain a distance from specific foods.

When your mom at any point disclosed to you that oily and sugary food causes pimples, she wasn’t joking. As indicated by a 2010 survey, eating a diet with higher glycemic level may cause skin break outs.

What are these foods? Some examples are chips, white rice and white bread, pastas, chocolates and sodas as they spike up glucose levels and are less healthy than low glycemic foods. This investigation likewise discovered eating dairy products also generates pimples. Keep a low glycemic food diet and avoid extra oil and sugar in your daily eating routine.

The Takeaway

It’s very common to have acne or pimples. Causes can be different for each person. It can be due to genetics, stress levels, hormonal problems or poor diet. Some people use too much of makeup and anti-acne products which make their skin more complex. It’s always best to keep your skin as natural as possible. Use less makeup products and have only one nice moisturizer with you. Using 6 to 7 different skin products daily may feel like controlling pimples but in real these products and various other remedies put you on an endless acne struggle. If you face has extreme acne or pimple issues, consult a dermatologist and only trust the prescribed products until the time your acne fades away then shift to natural ways of keeping your pimples under control which includes healthy low glycemic diet, good water intake and non-comedogenic sunscreen.

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