Wonders of Tea Tree Oil Massage for Your Skin

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While going through the published medical literature on massage techniques and components used in the lubricants, you will always witness this major component called Tea Tree Oil. Now there are many reasons such as medical benefits for the skin which rank this oil among the ideal components for massage supplements.

Tea Tree Oil is used in these moisturizers and lubricants for massage in very small quantities because it brings a good touch to the skin without any side effects. For this article, we have chosen a list of some top benefits which you get due to this.

Benefits of Massaging Skin with Tea Tree Oil Supplements

There are certain medical conditions which you can treat with this component including Acne, Eczema, infections, and burn marks.

Cures Eczema

Eczema is a medical condition in which the skin becomes inflated and the patient feels much irritation. Besides the advanced medical treatment, a good massage can help you with this condition. No wonder, a supplement containing tea tree oil would be really helpful.

In result of the condition such as Eczema, the skin becomes dry, full of scratches, and itching. Now instead of going for the advanced and expensive medical treatments, you can hit a massage parlor or bring a massage lubricant containing tea tree oil. Massage it gently and you are likely to see some major improvements in your medical condition.

Tea Tree Oil Kills Acne

Acne is a severe skin condition in which your skin, mainly your face and back, grow a lot of pimples and red spots. People make it even worse by scratching which causes wounds on the affected skin place. Now in such condition, tea tree oil can be your savior.

Tea Tree Oil has abilities like fighting against the infection and bacteria which are the major reasons behind this Acne. Massage this oil gently on the affected areas. This will get rid of the irritation and soothes the condition. Even though it does not get rid of the spots and pimples, it can soothe the pain and irritation.

Heals Infections and Burn Marks

We have already mentioned that Tea Tree Oil has anti-bacterial functions. While you have just got infected or have burn marks due to any recent fire tragedy, applying and massaging this one the infected or burnt area will get rid of the pain.

You can also use this as the permanent treatment method but it will be a slow one. You can also use antibiotics and other pills to enhance the healing process. Make sure that the infections for which you are massaging this are the skin infections.

So these were some of the medical wonders this tea tree oil massage can do for your skin. For more stuff related to your health and fitness, stay tuned to our site.

Strengthens Nails and Softens Cracked Heels

Due to its healing and softening properties, using this oil for massaging hands and feet can transform them completely. The regular massage around the cuticles will prevent them from being brittle. Plus, it will also cure any infection lying in the nails. If you have corns or cracked heels, massaging the feet will tea tree oil and then wearing socks before going to bed will soften them. Plus, the oil contains its own scent which is very refreshing and sharp enough that it eradicates any bad smell. Therefore, I would suggest you to buy it and make it a part of your mani-pedi routine.

Stops Hairfall

If you have extreme hairfall that is stressing you out, get your hands on a bottle of tea tree oil. Applying a few drops of tea tree oil directly into the scalp can improve hair growth and unblock the hair follicles. Using this oil regularly will help nurture your hair greatly.

Works as an Antiperspirant

You can also use tea tree oil as an antiperspirant if you have run out of one. Since it is antiseptic and it fights the bacteria as well, using it in your armpits can help keep them bacteria-free. Plus, the oil has a very refreshing scent which can eradicate the unpleasant smell of the armpits. If you keep using it regularly, it can actually turn them naturally pleasant-smelling. Plus, you can also add other ingredients like lavender oil and rose water, and store it in a spray or roll-on bottle.

No More Dry and Dead Skin

If you have patchy and dry skin, and it is acne prone at the same time, there can be no better moisturizer than tea tree oil for you. Just mix tea tree oil with almond oil and massage in circular motions for about 5 minutes. Keep the oil on and then take a nice shower after 15 to 20 minutes of its application. This will turn your skin softer permanently and you will need no products full of chemicals and dyes. It is best for those with sensitive skin.

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